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Carrie Carr Yoga:

Ashtanga, Hatha

Named one of LA's Top Yoga Teachers for 2009

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Carrie Carr Bio:

Carrie Carr began practicing yoga over a decade ago.  Having attempted to find health, serenity and balance through a littany of means, yoga was the only source in which she could find and maintain all three.  “The emphasis on the journey rather than the end result makes each practice potent and meaningful.”

Yoga very quickly changed from just a physical discipline to an emotional and psychological practice.  After exploring many different styles of yoga she attended her 200 hour teacher training at the White Lotus Foundation   under Ganga White and Tracey Rich.  She went on and completed the YogaWorks 500 hour teacher training under the incredible instructor Simi Cruz and renowned Iyengar teacher Lisa Walford.  Having specialized her studies in Ashtanga she continues to work with Simi Cruz and Sonya Cottle.  She also studies with Annie Carpender, Kia Miller, and Judith Lasater.

Having compiled a massive anthology that is being edited for publication, Carrie has established herself  in the area of therapeutics and alignment.  This concentration has led to an ongoing affiliation with the Three Minute Egg Company  - a manufacturer of innovative, ergonomic yoga props - where she retains a Director of Yoga position.

Carrie also teaches therapeutic yoga with the prestigeous Red Tent organization where she uses mind-body awareness  to assist in the recovery of women with eating disorders and substance abuse problems

Carrie's is known for a positive countinance and high-energy dedication to the advancement of her student's personal practices.  With an emphasis on strength, alignment and therapeutic conditioning, her Ashtanga classes are characterized by, hands-on, individualized instruction that encourages a moving meditation.

“The physical practice of yoga beckons us to come as we are; with no qualifications to be met, no goals to attain. The only prerequisites are that we be honest enough with ourselves to listen to our bodies and respectful enough to heed their messages. Our commitment is not to what we hope to become, but to who we are now: giving ourselves permission to experience each moment, posture and sensation, exactly as it is, without judgment.”